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Satellite Coverage Maps
  SolariSoft's Inmarsat Services
Service Ocean Regions Voice Telex Fax Data HSD
Inm-A All Analog Y 14.4k (G3) 19.2k+ N/A
Inm-M All 6.4k N/A 2.4k 2.4k N/A
Inm-B All 16k Y 9.6k 9.6k 56/64k
Inm-M4 All 4.8 or 64k N/A 2.41,
14.4 (G3)
or 64k (G4)
28.8k v.34
mini-M All 4.8k N/A 2.4k 2.4k N/A
Inm-C All N/A Y Y (text) Email N/A
SolariSoftMail Coverage Area
InmarSat Mini
InmarSat A / B / C / and M

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