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Super Dooper Kids Center

5131 South Fry Road, Suite 100

Katy, Texas 77450
Telephone: 281-578-KIDS (5437)
Fax: 281-578-3336
Frequently Asked Question
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Frequently Asked Questions ˇ@
Q: Are all employees trained and certified?

A: Yes. All employees must have daycare center minimum standards training, first aid training, CPR training, 8 hours pre-service training, and annual child development training.

Q: Are all employee CPR and First Aid certified?

A: Yes. All employees must have CPR and first aid training upon hiring and must be re-certified every 2 years.

Q: What are the classroom ratios?

A: Each classroom follows the state guidelines for teacher-child ratio.

Q: Are all meals included in tuition?

A: Yes. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are included in tuition.

Q: When does my child move to the next classroom level?

A: If the childˇ¦s birthday came during the fall semester year, he or she will be transferred to the next level upon availability in the classroom.

Q: What information is required for enrollment?

A: Admission requirement packet and current immunization record.

Q: Does your daycare center offer any extra-curriculum activities?

A: Yes. Extra-curriculum activities that we offer include Spanish, computer classes, dance and gymnasium.

Q: Do you offer summer camps for pre-kindergarten and school-age children?

A: Yes. Details please see school calendars for upcoming summer camp activities.

Q: How many teachers are there in each class?

A: Two teachers are in each classroom.

Q: Are your teachers required a certain amount of training each year?

A: Yes. 15 hours of certified training in daycare minimum standards, first aid, CPR and other childcare development courses.

Q: Do you offer any parent volunteer program?

A: Yes. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as homeroom Mom/Dad, in field trip activities, educational training, and story time.

Q: Are outside food/lunches for children allowed in the center?

A: Yes. Parents are allowed to bring special lunches for children.

Q: How often are the children allowed to play on the playground?

A: Twice a day. Morning and afternoon as required by State when weather permits.

Q: Do you offer ˇ§motherˇ¦s day outˇ¨ program?

A: Yes. Drop-in care to parents is available.

Q: What types of immunization are required prior to enrollment?

A: Stateˇ¦s guidelines for immunization.

Q: How do I prove that my child was immunized?

A: Present the current shot record of children.

Q: Do your teachers teach potty-training?

A: Yes. We partnership with parents on helping our children reach that milestone.

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