What you can do with EMR...
Appointment Scheduling
The Appointment function is performed in the Clerk module.

Patient Check-in
Patient Check-in is a front desk function and takes place in the Clerk Module .

Nurse Check-in
Nurse captures patient information, allergies, family history, etc.
Doctor Diagnosis
Powerful paperless charting tool which eliminates paper and typing...

Patient Check-out
Patient Check-out process is included in the Clerk module.

Claims Processing
nsurance Claims Processing is included in the Clerk module.
About e-Paperless Practice

Not everybody is a computer genius. Physicians need to spend their time and attention focusing on their patient care. When physicians are searching an EMR , they are looking for a  product that can help them focus on their patients’ problems, make their practice running efficiently and economically. EMR is an e-time product that is supportive, not hazardous to a physician’s practice.


That is the ideology behind the designing of ePaperless Practice-a series of products of medical software that is developed to focus on the issues facing a practicing physician when he selects an EMR product. More than ten years ago when a group of yang physicians found that their patient-care time had been eroded by mountains of papers, waves of tedious administrative works, they turned their attention to EMR, hoping they could find a better way to overcome the hurdles that they were facing in their practice,  the hurdles that every practitioner would face soon or later in his practice. After years of searching, designing, testing and re-testing, they developed an EMR system-ePaperless Practice, a medical software system that was designed to meet the needs of e-time busy physicians’. E-Paperless Practice, designed by physicians,  made of physicians’ ideas and developed for the physicians, is destined to be choice of your EMR system.

A good EMR shall have the qualities of being user-friendly, data-secure, operation-reliable. The designers of E-paperless Practice employed lots of common senses in a daily medical practice. Because of that, the software is extremely user-friendly. A busy physician and his staff can master the software after a short four-hour training. Every function is built on the ideology of being practical. The software is very convenience, also.  By using this product, the physicians can access the patients’ data from anywhere at any time. All data, including conversations with the patients, pharmacies and other health-care providers can be recorded real-time. The patients’ data is not only secured but also sharable with authorized persons. E-paperless practice is a system that  is easy to be maintained. It’s satisfaction and success have been approved by numerous physicians and practices.

Epaperless Practice is a series products. It has an independent Billing/Administrative software, the EMR charting and the Remote access software. The billing/Administrative provides powerful functions of electronic/paper billings, scheduling/ re-scheduling , patient tracking, data analyzing and reporting. The billing system also has the function of auto-posting. Physicians can access, edit, and transfer the patients’ data using the Remote Access software from every corner of the world, at any time around the clock. To handle the complicity of recording medical information, e-Paperless Practice Charting software allows physicians to personalize its functions to fit each practitioner’s style.

E-paperless Practice is the product of BMD Services, In.. BMD Services is a self-funded company that is located in Houston, Texas. In this company, physician’s and their practice’s needs are our priority. While relentlessly seeking new break-through and implementing the new technology into our existing products, the company puts the post-sell services at the top of the agenda. Being physicians, we know that the most important thing in a physician’s practice is patient care. By using e-paperless practice, you, the physicians are assured to have the freedom of taking care the most important aspect of your practice. For the remaining part of your practice, let BMD Service do it.  At BMD Services, building ,maintaining and repairing machines and software are the most important aspect of our operation. We know how to do it   and we are good at it.

Benefits of e-Paperless Practice
  Eliminate reams of paper and free the space required for storing those files.
  Eliminate the cost of paper, forms, storage, handling.
  Enter information once and is then available at all points in the patient's visit..
  Eliminate errors created by multiple entries of information.
  Reduce labor in processing paperwork.
  Access immediately to patient medical history.
  Be easy charting based on your predefined formats.
  Be consistent in processing patient billing.
  Be fast and accurate in claim processing.
  Gets paid fast on claims as a result of elimination of human errors in processing forms.

HIPAA compliant , data-secured


Increase overall staff efficiency.

Contact ePaperless Practice
5201 Hwy 6, Suite 500 Missouri City, TX 77459
(281) 208-5403
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