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Quality Control


Stringent Quality Control (QC) Guarantees Quality Parts
All components are standardized down to every last wire and screw.  Every part goes through a series of stringent quality control and testing processes.  Our computer boards, transmission motors, rollers, and general motors are tested for at least 72 hours before final assembly ever commences.  Thereafter, each finished product is tested once again for another 72 hours with a 300-lb weight on it before proceeding to the packaging phase.  POPULAR stands for quality.  Our goal is not only to achieve and maintain a higher standard of quality, but it is also our promise to the consumers.

After all mechanical parts have been individually tested, assembling of the massage chairs begins, and the testing of the integrated parts commences.
Notice that all the products are tested aboveground, which reduces the chances of dirt and dust from the ground getting onto the products.
Once final assembly is done, a 300-lb load is placed on the product to test its weight limit and performance.


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