Popular 510
3D Acupressure Health Massage Chair
Seat Cushion and Footrest 3D Air Pressure Massage System

  Popular 700
3D Acupressure Music Therapy Massage Chair


Popular 500
3D Acupressure fat burn massage chair.

Popular 600
New Body Shape for Extra Cushioning / Air cushions function like a masseuse to apply soothing pressure to lower arms. / 3 Dimensional Foot Massage Technology

Popular 868 BAM
We use professional bill acceptors which
are used in most casino commercial machines.
Accepts $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 dollar bills.
Holds up to 600 bills.

LAVi ASP Pillow
LAVi ASP White Charcoal Latex Contour Pillow
Anti-mites, dust-free, and pollution-free.
Automatically produces negative charge to balance the body’s positive charge so sleep quality is further enhanced.

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LAVi ReflexPro
LAVi ReflexPro Calf and Foot Massager
Pamper your feet with this revolutionary LAVi portable massager.

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