Popular 868 BAM    
      Bill Operated Commercial Massage Chair
  General Information

One Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions: Upright Position 42in W x 41in H x 40in D

The PL 868BAM features a built in alarm system to prevent theft and tampering with the bill acceptor, which is capable of accepting $1ís, $5ís, $10ís, and $20ís.
  Safety Precaution
Before using your chair, read the Operating Manual carefully to ensure safe, proper use of the chair


Adding dollar operated shiatsu massage chairs in your store, shopping center, casino, etc. is an ideal way to offer your customers complete relaxation while producing revenue. The POPULARģ PL 868BAM massage chair promotes a thorough Shiatsu massage to relieve the stress and tension that builds up in your muscles and body. By honing in on the pressure points in your back and on the bottom of your feet, our commercial massage chair uses techniques such as tapping, kneading, and rolling to ensure a complete and fulfilling massage.


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