LAVi ASP Pollow    
      LAVi ASP White Charcoal Latex Contour Pillow
  LAVi ASP Pollow

Attaining the FDA’s approval, the all natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, and high resilient LAVi ASP White Charcoal Latex Contour Pillow is the world’s best and healthiest pillow.  It reduces the body’s static charge by counter-balancing the positive charge, and helps alleviate insomnia.  All this without causing pollution to the human body nor Mother Nature.

8 Major Features:
Slows aging and maintains youthful and healthy skin.
Reduces fabric odors (pillow case, mattress sheets, etc.).
Maintains a comfortable moisture level in the pillow.
Anti-mites, dust-free, and pollution-free.
Automatically produces negative charge to balance the body’s positive charge so sleep quality is further enhanced.
Produces a low-level infrared warmth, and natural energy to improve overall health.
Prevents buildup of positive charge and maintains a balanced static charge level to lessen muscle soreness and pains.
Biodegradable and chemical-free.

In addition, lavender is added for aromatherapy.  This helps to calm the nerves, mind and body, and also helps to alleviate insomnia.


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