Popular 700    
      3D Acupressure Music Therapy Massage Chair
  General Information

Upright  33" x 51" x 47"
Reclined  33" x 70" x 33"
3D Air Pressure Foot Massage
Music Player Built-In
Music Feature:
The POPULARŪ 700 comes with a built-in MP3 player and also includes a set of headphones.
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The MP3 player is compatible with Windows 2000/XP, and it is possible to download new songs into the chair!  Relax your mind and body in the POPULARŪ,

POPULARŪ 700 effectively lessens body fatigue, reduces stress, eases minor aches and pains, and increases blood circulation and metabolism.

  Safety Precaution
Before using your chair, read the Operating Manual carefully to ensure safe, proper use of the chair
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Only the highest grade of ox hide is used to produce the high quality leather for the POPULARŪ 700 massage chair.  The permeability and soft yet durable qualities of genuine leather are essential to withstand the constant movements of the massage rollers.  In addition, an ergonomically designed dual headrest pillow accommodates people with different body physiques, which enhances the comfort level and effectiveness of the POPULARŪ 700 model.


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