Popular 510    
      3D Acupressure Health Massage Chair
  General Information

Upright:  31" x 45" x 47"
Reclined:  31" x 71" x 33"
Country of Origin: USA
Use this massage chair daily and you may experience less body fatigue, better blood circulation, and better sleep quality.
Seat Cushion and Footrest 3D Air Pressure Massage System
  Safety Precaution
Before using your chair, read the Operating Manual carefully to ensure safe, proper use of the chair.

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Contoured and shaped to support the back, the POPULAR® 510 automatically searches and memorizes one’s body physique and weight and massages accordingly.  Choose from automatic overall, shoulder, back or lower back programs, or manually choose a fixed point or a general area, and enjoy a wonderful pressure point massage.  At the same time, take pleasure in having the buttock, thighs, calves, and feet massaged by the awesome built-in 3D air pressure system.  Furthermore, the footrest extends and stretches the knee and ankle joints.  All these can reduce body fatigue, increase blood circulation, and warm up the body for a more productive day.  Whether one chooses automatic or manual programs, a professional massage, comparable to one given by a masseuse, ensues.


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