POPULAR Merchandise USA, Inc. (POPULARŪ) - America's FIRST massage chair factory welcomes all potential distributors and those who are interested in private labels (OEM, ODM).
  Popular 510
3D Acupressure Health Massage Chair
Seat Cushion and Footrest 3D Air Pressure Massage System

  Popular 700
3D Acupressure Music Therapy Massage Chair
Country of Origin: USA


Not only is our factory capable of producing 5,000 massage chairs per month, we promise to provide you with the latest technologies and assist you in penetrating the marketplace.  We have highly trained professionals on our design team, and our quality control and quality assurance teams ensure that all components and final products are of the highest standards.  At POPULARŪ, we strongly believe that quality is what determines the life of a product.  It is this belief that drives us forward, and we are certain our innovations will meet your standards and requirements.  There is no need to worry over warranty issues as we have friendly and professional customer service representatives to take care of your customers.  All there is left for you to do is to close the sale.  You make the money, and we will take care of your customers.  Once again, POPULARŪ welcomes all brand names!


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