LAVi ReflexPro    
      LAVi ReflexPro Calf and Foot Massager

Fully functional wireless remote control lets you enjoy your massages without bending down.



Three sets of rollers to stimulate the soles of your feet.


Two Programmed auto functions combining rolling and kneading.
Manual massage program allowing 20-minute massages.





Pamper your feet with this revolutionary LAVi portable massager. The NEW LAVi ReflexPro is designed with a comfortable handlebar allowing you to take it wherever you go. Now your office does not have to feel so tense anymore - relax yourself with the LAVi ReflexPro, and you will feel right at home. With its dual kneading action, the flexible knuckles and roller-balls relieve stress and tension as well as promote personal wellness - your feet will thank you.

General Information
23" x 11.5" x 7"
The Lavi ReflexPro Foot Massager duplicates the kneading massage techniques used by professional masseuses.












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