Popular 600    
      New Body Shape for Extra Cushioning / Air cushions function like a masseuse to apply soothing pressure to lower arms. / 3 Dimensional Foot Massage Technology
  General Information

The POPULAR® 600 is certified by the UL and the FDA
Full back and cushion support heating function.
Remote-controlled reclining chair-back will automatically
* New body shape cushion design.
* Air pressure harmonious vibration massage function.
* Cushion heating function.

  Acupressure Points:   
Six automatic pressure point massage functions, which can be executed in pairs or combinations to help relieve any aches and pains.
  Safety Precaution
Before using your chair, read the Operating Manual carefully to ensure safe, proper use of the chair









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Combining a vibrating massage chair with an arm and leg/calf massager allows you to experience a total massage in the POPULAR® 600. One of the best chairs on the market for the price, the 600 utilizes a combination of rolling, kneading, and tapping techniques to ensure that your massage is thorough and relaxing. Receiving a massage in the 600 promotes good health by enhancing blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic systems, as well as relieving stress in pressure point areas.

As this vibrating massage chair works a pressure point, the muscle tension yields to the pressure, enabling relaxation and aiding blood flow and the release/elimination of the body cell’s toxins. By increasing circulation, the body receives a greater supply of oxygen throughout and thus fosters a stress-free environment. Come and experience the ultimate in relaxation by placing yourself in a massage recliner from POPULAR®!


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