Popular 600 Safety Precaution    
      Popular 600 Safety Precaution
  General Information

The POPULAR® 600 is certified by the UL and the FDA
Full back and cushion support heating function.
Remote-controlled reclining chair-back will automatically
* New body shape cushion design.
* Air pressure harmonious vibration massage function.
* Cushion heating function.
  Acupressure Points:   
Six automatic pressure point massage functions, which can be executed in pairs or combinations to help relieve any aches and pains.
  Safety Precaution
Before using your chair, read the Operating Manual carefully to ensure safe, proper use of the chair
• The capacity of this massage chair is 250 Lbs and it is best for people under 6 feet two inches.

• Before using your chair, read the Operating Manual carefully to ensure safe, proper use of the chair

The following persons must not use this massage chair:

• Persons with serious circulatory problems such as varicose veins, thrombosis, etc.
• Persons who have been advised by their doctor not to use the chair

Persons with any of the following conditions must seek medical advice before using the chair:

• Joint dysfunction such as rheumatism, hammer toe, and gout
• Persons planning to use the chair to treat a specific ailment or parts of their body that have undergone therapy
• Persons under bedrest orders
• High fever
• Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy
• Serious skin condition
• Sensory impairment
• Persons with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices
• Serious osteoporosis
• Acute gastro-intestinal complaints (gastritis, hepatitis, enteritis)
• Serious heart problem
• Persons under a doctor's care, or those experiencing unusual physical discomfort
• Malignant tumor
• Persons with spinal abnormalities due to past injury or ailment, persons with curvature of the spine
• Serious diabetes
• Children, persons who are unable to communicate, and persons who are physically challenged should not be allowed to use the chair. Do not allow children or pets to play near the chair (especially behind the reclining seat back or under the seat or foot rest), climb on the chair or sit in the chair. Failure to do so could result in injury or accident.

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