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About SolariSoft Telecom
SolariSoft Telecom Corporation (formerly TerraSync Corporation) is a regional facility based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) covering the Gulf of Mexico markets of Houston, New Orleans and Lafayette. 

The SolariSoft solution transforms today's complex technologies into cost effective, easy to use, integrated communications solutions. By focusing on customer's needs, SolariSoft Telecom services deliver real-world solutions that give businesses a competitive edge.

Now customers can acquire their telephone system, network services, and internet and data access all from the same provider bringing true "one-stop shopping" to the region. A typical customer may have SolariSoft Telecom completely manage their telecommunications needs providing telephones, local dial tone, long distance, internet access and email while receiving one easy-to-read monthly invoice.

The SolariSoft Telecom Solution
SolariSoft Telecom is your one-stop-shop communications solution provider.
Local Telephone Services
  • Local dial tone designed for today's business environment.
  • Complete business line features including voice messaging, call forwarding, three-way conferencing, call transferring, caller ID, and call waiting.
  • Complete PBX trunk features like Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and line hunting.
  • Operator services including directory assistance.

Long Distance Services

  • Very competitive outbound long distance rates, both domestic and international
  • Toll free inbound calling services
  • Audio conferencing services
  • Calling card services
  • Operator services

Business Internet Services

  • High speed internet access
  • Web hosting solutions
  • Managed E-mail solutions

Data Network Solutions

  • Frame Relay
  • Private Line
  • VPN

New Product - International Private Lines from the United Kingdom to Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

Business Telephone Systems

  • NEC Key and PBX systems of all sizes
  • Northern Telecom PBX systems
  • Purchase, Lease or completely managed systems

EMAIL: Please send all further inquiries to:  info@solarisoft.com


Company Profile
SolariSoft is in the business of delivering quality software products in these HOT areas:

Unified Global Web Portal Serving Multiple Verticals with Ease

Unified Satellite Communications Services

Unified Document Management 

Unified Site Reporting

Unified Global Messaging 

Unified Global Email systems 

Unified Global Voicemail systems

Programmed PLC Systems (GE and others)


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