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Inmarsat Services
Nera Inmarsat mini-M Terminal   Inmarsat mini-M - Solarisoft’s Inmarsat  mini-M service provides voice/fax/data capabilities in the smallest terminals and antennas of any Inmarsat  service.   SolariSoft's Inmarsat  mini-M products and services are also the lowest cost Inmarsat option for voice communications, especially when using the high-gain big dish antenna.   SolariSoft's Inmarsat  mini-M services offer:
  • Cost-effective and reliable voice, fax, e-mail, Internet access and STUIII/IIB (2.4 kbps) virtually worldwide
  • Lightweight (less than 2.3 kg or 5 lb.), portable (roughly the size of laptop computer) and easy to use Nera and Thrane & Thrane units
  • Optional use of Inmarsat®  mini-M big dish antenna (twice the size of portable unit's built-in antenna) delivering lower per-minute costs for the same services
  • Optional Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards allow multiple personnel to use the same terminal and be billed individually

Nera Inmarsat-M4 Terminal   Inmarsat-M4SolariSoft's Inmarsat -M4 service extends your office functionality to places unavailable in the past. With a portable, lightweight and easy-to-carry multi-media satellite terminal enabling high-speed data services and public switched telephone network (PSTN) quality voice connectivity worldwide. Inmarsat-M4 terminals are typically used in conjunction with auxiliary equipment to implement the required data capability or functionality
required. A terminal adapter is an Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) devise that provides an interface for analog devises, computers, facsimile machines and/or videoconferencing equipment to connect to the ISDN.  SolariSoft's Inmarsat-M4 service supports:
  • High-speed data applications (56/64 kbps) including ISDN applications as well as PSTN quality voice & data with either Nera or Thrane & Thrane units
  • Cost-effective mini-M quality voice as well as fax and data on certain terminals
  • Internet e-mail, web access, FTP, video conferencing, store-and-forward video, broadcast quality audio, multiplexing, STU-III, G3/G4 fax, etc.
  • For customers without ISDN connectivity at the office, Inmarsat-M4 also delivers significantly higher analog modem throughput (28.8 kbps) than Inmarsat-B

Nera Saturn B Transporter   Inmarsat-BSolariSoft's Inmarsat-B service offers global voice, Telex and 9.6kbps fax/data transfer. The high-speed data (HSD) option for the Inmarsat-B service allows data transfer at 56/64 kbps and multiplexing - which divides the 64kbps data stream into several slower speed circuits and allows multiple signals,  i.e.  fax, voice and data to be sent at once over the channel. Another benefit of multiplexing is it can
increase usage to eight voice/fax channels, 20 data or a combination of both voice/fax and data channels.

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