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Value-Added Services
Secure Communications
For government agencies that require secure and reliable satellite communications our investment in the SIWF (Secure Inter-working Function) protocol ensures a high level of service. 

Our SIWF protocol supports a broad range of encryption devices including STU-III/IIB for Inmarsat-B, -M and mini-M, thus providing voice, fax and data encryption capabilities on a global basis. 

And there is no additional charge for encrypted communications.


Unique SolariSoft Benefits

  • Inmarsat-B at 9.6 kbps and Inmarsat-M at 4.8 kbps
    SolariSoft is the only Inmarsat service provider to offer secure voice, fax and data services at these rates. Secure services are also available on Inmarsat mini-M at 2.4 kbps.
  • Easy Access
    Since our SIWF protocol is available on all SolariSoft channel units, there is no competition for access. Other service providers dedicate only a portion of their channel units for secure traffic, which could lead to traffic congestion.
  • Completely transparent
    SolariSoft’ SIWF protocol provides for seamless encryption. There is no need for a secure database at our land earth stations to identify SIWF capable terminals, and not even our operators can tell when a secure call is in progress.
  • Only Software
    Our SIWF is a completely transparent software solution. Software pre-loaded in your terminal and within our channel units at the land earth station (LES) enables the user to easily access secure services.
  • Terminal-to-terminal calls

            SolariSoft is the only company offering terminal-to-terminal secure capability.

  • Built-in flexibility
    SolariSoft’ SIWF is the only protocol capable of supporting other encryption devices. STU-III and STU-IIB are the most common encryption devices in use by North American and European governments, but SolariSoft’ SIWF protocol can also support other encryption devices in use around the world.
  • STU-IIB on Inmarsat-B, -M and mini-M
    SolariSoft is the only Inmarsat service provider to support STU-IIB on Inmarsat-B, -M and mini-M.

for Marine Services

SolariSoft through it's partners has developed the world's first two-way messaging service between Internet e-mail and Inmarsat-A/-B Telex or Inmarsat-C.  SolariSoftMail allows registered shore-side customers around the world to exchange messages with Inmarsat-A/-B Telex or Inmarsat-C through any e-mail software or service. Onboard a vessel, any existing Inmarsat-A/-B Telex or Inmarsat-C terminal can send and receive messages to and from Internet e-mail addresses onshore.

Integrated Internet Service for the
Mobile Satellite User

Conventional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use networks that are not typically designed to address the needs of mobile satellite users, due to the relative slower connection speeds that are characteristic of the satellite connection. Therefore, SolariSoft developed SolariSoftNet - a service that is optimized for cost-effective Internet Services for satellite phones.

SolariSoftNet advantages include:

Accommodates many different satellite data speeds - 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 56 and 64 kbps
SolariSoftNet is dynamically tailored to match the data speed of the type of sat phone placing the data call. SolariSoftNet allows you to connect efficiently, no matter if your sat phone is a mini-m at 2400 bps, or an M4 transmitting at 64,000 bps.

Optional Web Browsing
Standard Internet service normally includes Internet e-mail, as well as the capability to browse the web. SolariSoftNet can do this as well, along with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) capability, however, we also realize that some owners may not want the ability to browse the web to be available to users of their satellite phone. Therefore, SolariSoft offers the option to disable web browsing on your SolariSoftNet account.

On-the-Fly Compression of all information transmitted
SolariSoft understands that every minute counts for mobile users. To further increase efficiency, and to minimize connection time and cost, we've included compression software as an integral part of our service. Everything that goes over the SolariSoftNet link will automatically be compressed by at least 4:1 for e-mail transactions, and at least 2:1 for web browsing. These rates can even be higher, depending on the size and nature of the information being transmitted.

An added convenient feature is WebMail for accessing your SolariSoftNet email account from the shore side. You can use any free Internet service onshore and any web browser to access your SolariSoftnet account at the webmail.SolariSoftnet.com website. The WebMail access also allows you to configure your SolariSoftNet email account for specific settings, such maximize file size acceptable and many more items. If a mobile user has chosen web browsing option, this is also a convenient means to set these parameters from the mobile side.

Compatibility with all SolariSoft circuit-switched data services
SolariSoftNet accommodates all of the circuit-switched data services SolariSoft currently offers, including Inmarsat, MarineSat/LandSat and Oceancell. If you have multiple terminals, they can all be configured to access SolariSoftNet services through the same user name and password.

Unique message waiting notification
Avoid the high costs of dialing in to check if that important message has arrived. Your SolariSoftNet account can be set to automatically send a short message to an alternate messaging device capable of receiving an Internet e-mail, such as an Inmarsat-C terminal (SolariSoftMail) or any Internet e-mail address.

No unwanted messages in your mailbox
Your SolariSoftNet user profile can be tailored to determine who can and cannot send messages to your SolariSoftNet e-mail account. The SolariSoftNet service can be configured to include or exclude all e-mail addresses or accept/reject all messages from a single domain name or specific e-mail addresses.

Works with standard Internet applications
While the SolariSoftNet installation CD comes complete with standard Internet applications (including e-mail software, web browser and FTP software), the SolariSoftNet service can also be used with other Internet applications. (See SolariSoftNet User Guide)

Easy online registration
New and existing SolariSoft satellite service customers can easily register for SolariSoftNet Internet service through our secure web site.

Download only the messages you want to read or download all messages*
SolariSoftNet's e-mail capability can be configured to operate in one of two modes. Using the IMAP protocol, you can simply view the subject lines and other header information in your mailbox, then choose the messages you want to download. You can also delete messages remotely without viewing them. In POP3 mode, you can simply download all emails at once. The choice is yours and is easy to switch between the two choices. (See SolariSoftNet User Guide for configuration details.)

Pay only for satellite airtime
There are no registration or monthly fees associated with use of the SolariSoftNet service, and the CD is free as well. You pay only the satellite airtime charges incurred to connect to SolariSoftNet, as itemized on your monthly bill.

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