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Market Applications
SolariSoft provides broadband data capabilities through portable and/or fixed Inmarsat-B and -M4 mobile satellite terminals. SolariSoft also provides VSAT (very small aperture terminal) data networks capabilities. SolariSoft' Gulfnet Microwave System delivers broadband data services to oil and gas customers in the Gulf of Mexico (see Turnkey Communications for Oil and Gas Projections).

Leased Services
Inmarsat-B leased and on-demand services are available for marine and land customers operating throughout the world. SolariSoft' Inmarsat-B services offer:

  • Complete global coverage
  • 56/64 kbps data using transportable or marine terminals
  • STU-III/IIB encryption at 9.6 kbps
  • G3 fax

Portable Data Services
SolariSoft' Inmarsat M4 service extends a company's WAN (wide area network) via satellite into
the world's most remote regions, creating a Global Area Network. SolariSoft' Inmarsat-M4 services deliver:

  • High-speed data services (56/64 kbps) including Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) quality voice & data, as well as mini-M quality voice (optional fax & data) virtually worldwide
  • Mobile access to HSD applications such as Internet e-mail; web access; FTP; videoconferencing; store-and-forward video; broadcast quality audio; multiplexed voice, fax and data (up to 8 lines); STU-III/IIB at 9.6 kbps; STE; G3/G4 fax, etc.

VSAT Services
SolariSoft manages VSAT (very small aperture terminals) data networks for industrial customers working in remote locations such as liquids and natural gas pipeline companies, electric utilities, water and waste management agencies, environmental monitoring and emergency management organizations as well as retail, gas and convenience stores. SolariSoft offers:

  • Fully scalable networks - starting from 2 remote sites
  • Specialization in SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) applications for data collection and monitoring of remote customer assets
  • Networks suitable for video event monitoring, automated meter reading, SCADA, LAN interworking, Point-of-sale transactions, batch/file transfer
  • Customized SCADA-SAT terminals supporting ASYNC, X.25 and TCP/IP protocols
  • 24-hour proactive network monitoring ensures high network availability

Microwave Services
SolariSoft' Gulfnet 6000 microwave services are delivered to oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico as part of turnkey oil and gas solutions. Service features include:

  • Cost effective and reliable voice, data, video, computer networks and Internet access
  • Network coverage from Galveston to Sabine, TX, from Main Pass to High Island, LA and deepwater sites in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Exclusive 2.3 GHz last mile product making it easy to reliably connect rigs or platforms with the Gulfnet infrastructure
  • Enhanced reliability through the use of nested-ring configurations, ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) technology and innovative technology that allows trouble-shooting from onshore bases

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Company Profile
SolariSoft is in the business of delivering quality software products in these HOT areas:

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