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Turnkey Communications for Oil and Gas Projects
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, the SolariSoft Corporation serves operators in the Gulf of Mexico, Northwest Atlantic and frontier projects around the world with the following telecommunications capabilities:
  • Digital microwave system in the Gulf of Mexico offering voice, data, video, computer networks and Internet access, with exclusive 2.3 GHz last mile equipment
  • Complete project management - engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and ongoing system maintenance
  • CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Services) telephone services
    • Business and Centrex package options
    • Range of calling features (call forwarding, voice mail, etc)
    • Long distance
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Superior troubleshooting capabilities and network management
  • Certified technicians operating in Morgan City, Venice,  Fourchon, LA; Galveston, TX; St. John's, NF
  • C-band point-to-point digital satellite services
  • Automated helicopter flight following and vessel tracking
  • Equipment supply - purchase, lease or rental
  • Onshore and offshore radio personnel and electronics technicians
  • HF coast radio services in North Atlantic



EMAIL: Please send all further inquiries to:  info@solarisoft.com



Company Profile
SolariSoft is in the business of delivering quality software products in these HOT areas:

Unified Global Web Portal Serving Multiple Verticals with Ease

Unified Satellite Communications Services

Unified Document Management 

Unified Site Reporting

Unified Global Messaging 

Unified Global Email systems 

Unified Global Voicemail systems

Programmed PLC Systems (GE and others)


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