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Personal Satellite Services
SolariSoft provides the following personal satellite services:
Service Voice Telex Fax Data HSD
Iridium  2.4 kbps N/A N/A 10 kbps N/A
Inmarsat  mini-M 4.8 kbps N/A 2.4 kbps 2.4 kbps N/A
Inmarsat -M4 4.8 or 64 kbps N/A 2.41,
14.4 k (G3)
or 64 kbps (G4)
28.8 kbps v.34
56/64 kbps
Inmarsat -B 16 kbps Y 9.6 kbps 9.6 kbps 64/56 kbps
Globalstar  9.6 kbps N/A 9.6 kbps2 9.6 kbps2 N/A
LandSat 4.8 kbps N/A 4.8 kbps 4.8 kbps N/A
1Not available through all terminals
2Future Services

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